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If your smartphone doesn’t have a lot of memory, or has limited processing power, and you want the benefit of messaging quickly with any of the 1.2+ billion people using Messenger every month, its time to give Lite a try! Facebook has today announced a new global expansion of Messenger Lite, and just like Facebook Lite, its a low-bandwidth version of its messaging app. The expansion, which is adding 132 new countries including Uganda on top of the existing launch markets. The service originally landed last October in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Venezuela.

We’ve seen Facebook, aggressively take on Snapchat in recent months and they have added Snapchat-like features to their main apps, Instagram, and Messenger, the expansion of its Lite versions gives it another advantage over its rival. But don’t expect to fine the augmented reality features of Snapchat in either Facebook Lite nor Messenger Lite, those have been reserved for Facebook’s main apps have. But it’s only a matter of time. Just yesterday, the company announced that it’s adding reactions, geofilters, and other subtle camera effects to Facebook Lite. You could imagine these features coming to Messenger Lite soon.

Facebook’s new strategy with these lightweight apps could become a bigger threat to Snapchat down the line adding more daily users than any of its other social media competition.

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Download Messenger Lite here.