Facebook at work is launching next month


Facebook’s Enterprise facing product, Facebook at work is launching next month according to reports surfacing online. The product has been in beta for awhile and it’s imminent launch will finally see it out in the wild.

The sad part however is – it won’t be free! Users/businesses  will have to cough out a fee cumulative of the active users per month instead of a flat monthly fee charged per company as per the competition. That competition happens to be Chatter, Yammer among others. The trade off differentiates Facebook at work from the competition since business will only pay as per their active users.

It’s reminiscent of the free consumer facing Facebook we’re accustomed to, only that it’s integrated with SaaS tools from different providers but the News Feed, now Work Feed is still there, and it will incorporate Groups, profiles, events and Messenger. This familiarity is said to play at Facebook’s favor with its over 1 billion users, so getting workaholics on board won’t be rocket science.

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Facebook at Work adds on Facebook’s arsenal of social apps that include Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger among others, all that have proven popular amongst users. However the Facebook at work app is available as a free download in the Playstore.