Facebook to reportedly pay Ugandans $2,748 per day to spend time on their social network

Mark Zuckerberg

Aren’t we lucky here in Uganda, according to Globalinsidernews Ugandans who spend at least 1 minute on Facebook everyday will qualify to join thousands of people who have already made hundreds of US dollars by just being on Facebook.  This is part of  Facebook’s  just released a “Facebook Fortune” program that will allow Ugandans to earn money from the comfort of their own homes.

If these rumors turn out to be true, they bear a striking resemblance to the online telex free ad-clicking schemes that were banned from the region early this year. Globalinsider further reports that several hundreds of residents will soon have the opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, from the comforts of their own home, getting paid by cheque, direct deposit and even Paypal.

They further go on to give you a link on how to get started with the whole program and earn big. The site gives details how residents from other countries have benefited from this program. Our advice is join with caution, there is nothing like free money. Hit the source link below for more details.

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Source: GlobalInsider


  • Almokass

    I have tried to register for facebook fortunes in vain. This article explains my failure thence. It’s a welcome move for Uganda to be added onto the list of qualifying countries and increasingly several firms are opening up to tap into Uganda’s online human resource base. But just when are they going to do it?

  • kedikebba

    True, there is absolutely no free money however, how can u best explain this to any money ambitious individual.
    I joined Telexfree, i gained
    I joined Adfast, i gained
    I joined Tesco Traders, i lost..

    Reason: I gained in the first two because i joined early enough, i lost in Tesco, because i joined late.
    Caution: There is no free money however if you are paper ambitious like me, when they open up something like that, join it asap before those pips bolt after making he profits they want.
    Dont be excited about the profits you are making to the extent of re-investing your money and opening up more premium accounts for yourself.

    As for that new thing that is coming, I will join as soon as it opens, make my profits and flee.


    • ben

      so you are gonna risk?

      • Kedikebba