Facebook starts rolling out its Facebook lite app aimed for slow data networks

Facebooklite on mobile

The new Facebook lite is essentially a lightweight version of the social platform that aims to offer services to low-end devices at faster speeds and best of all, with lower internet speeds like those in emerging markets like Africa and Asia. Today, Facebook Lite is getting an official rollout, starting in Asia and later in parts of Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

The new Android Facebook Lite app was initially 256kb in size but the final version seems to have grown  up to 1MB since it was initially announced. Making it 37.38MB lighter than the full Facebook version hence quicker to install. Data-heavy features like video and locations services are supported, but users will be able to receive push notifications and share pictures on the fly. The app has also been optimized to take advantage of 2G networks and work in areas with a poor signal. You can download the app here.

The social network giant has partnered with telcos like Airtel in Africa to bring its Internet.org initiative to life. Let’s not also forget Facebook’s plans with its experimental fleet of internet radiating solar-powered internet drones.