Facebook roll-out another inbox just for random Strangers to chat with you

Message Request

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[/blockquote]Today, Facebook rolls-out one of the social network’s useless inbox feature called Message Requests. This is like another inbox and it be a place for you to chat or contact strangers. It is like an ill-fated second repository for messages from total strangers that the average user, yes including you barely checks. Message Requests, is rolling out today (of course depending on your geographical location) and it will allow users to reach out to others on Facebook in a more pronounced fashion so long as they have your name,

With Facebook Messenger used by more than 700 million people around the globe, the company wants to turn its chat platform into a broader directory for anyone who uses Facebook. The Message Request feature will now take any message from someone you’re not friends with, so long as they don’t have your phone number, and tuck it inside a notification box at the top of your Messenger queue. You can check the request to see basic info about that person, like their name, where they live, and any mutual friends you may have. If you don’t want to communicate, you can shut down the conversation right there. It hands users the ability to determine whether someone is a scammer, a creep, or actually a potential friend — without depositing the message in the black hole that was Other Inbox.