Facebook to reportedly launch new premium TV shows in June

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Facebook is positioning itself to be your go to source for news and entertainment while you are online. Plans to launch TV on Facebook have been pushed back once already and could be again. According to Business Insider, Facebook  is reportedly closer than expected to making a big push into online television. The social media giant is developing around 24 shows and plans to premiere them in mid-June. The report further says that there will apparently be two tiers of shows: a small number of longer, prestige shows on the order of House of Cards, and more digestible 5- to 10-minute shows that can be added to the Facebook app’s video tab daily.

The company aims to fill the service with “episodic content.” It’s part of a major initiative at the company to begin siphoning away some of the billions of dollars that are spent on television advertising ever year — a major growth opportunity for Facebook, which is running out of room in the News Feed to show more ads.

It is till not clear whether the TV shows will be geographically restricted but we think due to some legalities this will be the case. YouTube recently announced that it would premiere its own tier of free, ad-supported television with a great line up of shows planned.

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