Facebook to reportedly give its Messenger App a facelift

Facebook Messenger

Seems Facebook wont seat back and watch other messaging apps like WhatsApp gathered millions of active users per month as it does nothing to compete with favorably. It’s also a fact that Facebook Home, increased chatting with friends above everything else
onĀ  Android devices.

The latest incarnation of Messenger for Android and iOS hopes to take this idea to new heights, as it tries to distance its self far way from the usual Facebook feel we have come to know an love. The new Messenger App wants to be something else altogether: for use we see it as want to be the next WhatsApp or Kik. The restyled app begins testing with a random group of Android users today, and will come to everyone on iOS and Android “in the coming

As part of the the new big changes, the whole UI has been re-skinned and friends’ avatars are now circular, and have a little load on as you can tell that the other person on the chat is using Facebook Chat on the web or Phone Messenger app. This differentiation is part of what makes apps like WhatsApp lovely. It has to be noted that WhatsApp tied to any social network, and there’s no equivocalness about how you’re chatting with a friend. You could hit the source link for more information on this revamped messenger app.