Facebook Lite Review: Targeting the next billion social media users

The Facebook Lite Review

Last week Facebook launched its data conscious social networking app made for low-speed data networks around the world called Facebook Lite. This should not be confused with Facebook Zero. This app is aimed at nations still relying on 2G or CDMA data networks with little or severely limited data on smartphone. Bare in mind that this app isn’t for the general populace – it’s made for those that want to connect in remote areas, and don’t mind giving up a few flourishes in an app to do so. Facebook Lite is very similar in functionality like the main Facebook App the question on very one’s mind is whether it can keep up with day-today use.

Facebook Lite was built for people who have limited bandwidth.  This means the company has tried to cut down on graphical UI goodness and presentation has also been stripped down to a bare minimum. It’s not just black and white, but it’s squared off. It’s simple, reliable, does just enough with barely anything. So this is the Facebook Lite Review, targeting the next billion social media users.

Facebook Lite review 1

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After using this app the whole weekend as my dedicated Facebook app, I can confirm that Facebook Lite is as reliable as the main Facebook app, if not more so. With far fewer visual elements to trip over, there’s a lot less slowing the entire system down.

It’s super fast.

It’s not good-looking, but it’s fast.

It requires very little, too. Even a 2009 smartphone will have no problem running this Facebook Lite app.


Facebook Lite review 2

In order to use the app, your Android smartphone must meet these basic requirements. You must have  Android 2.2 Froyo software, API 8, and that’s it. At this time, the app is taking up the following space in our Galaxy smartphone:

• 2.61 MB (App)
• 264 KB (Data)
• 2.87 MB Total

In simple terms, it uses less phone memory.

Facebook Lite review 3


On the normal Facebook app (version by the time of this review) on the same device takes up the following space:

• 175 MB (App)
• 52.56 MB (Data)
• 227 MB Total