Facebook “Like” button re-designed

Facebook‘s thumbs-up icon will soon become an icon of the past, with mockery designs being used to denote the disliking of something, and the thumbs-up being used in many situations both within and outside of the social network to indicate favor towards something.

No more thumbs ups

The new design omits  the thumbs-up, replacing it instead with a small “f” Facebook icon, as well as the word “Like”. The same applies for the “Share” buttons, all of which will show up next to articles, photos, and such around the Web. Depending on whether the smaller or larger version is used, the number of likes and shares will be displayed to the right or above the buttons. The new design has already resulted in increased interactions, something anticipated to grow.

Don’t worry if you have no seen it yet as the new buttons are being rolled out over the next number of weeks  and the upgrade will come in automatically.