Facebook introduces a new app called Paper


Today Facebook has launched a new iPhone app called Paper. Paper. The app looks very much like Flipboard but can do more, it will make you hate the standard Facebook app. Paper is the first product to come out of Facebook’s creative labs, and its much , much better.

[vimeo url=”http://vimeo.com/85421325″]

The Paper app takes the standard Facebook news feed and recreates it into one whole horizontal scrolling set of screens. The first time you use this app, you will confuse it with Flipboard. There is also a new way to post to Facebook (and Paper) with a graceful WYSIWYG editor that borrows the styling from popular blogging systems. Unfortunately as all popular Facebook app  it will be available for the iPhone in the US  ONLY on February 3rd . You can watch the promo video above and tell us what you think.