Facebook Stories now live
Image Credit: Facebook

The war between Facebook and Snapchat isn’t over yet. Facebook is acknowledging that filters, and the camera itself, is quickly replacing text as the important status update in peoples’ days. First Facebook rolled out stories to Instagram, then WhatsApp, next was Messenger and now the company is ready to debut the same Stories feature in its core Facebook App. This will effectively make over 1.6 billion people get to know what Snapchat is all about whether they like it or not..

Facebook stories will be taking a lot of Snapchat and a bit of Instagram and giving it a new front-and-center placement. Stories, which is rolling out worldwide to all Facebook mobile users on Android and iOS, is similar to what you see on Instagram (and Snapchat, of course) today. It is a feed of photos and videos that string together to form a 24-hour diary, replete with filters and other camera frills.

The Future of Stories is Ads

The new camera interface will be available, a swipe away on the left side of the app, and will offer live filters and effects (many of which will be ad sponsored) that can be added to photos and videos. They can either be added to one’s story, which can optionally be shared to the main Facebook feed, or sent using Direct, to a single person or group of people. Either way, the content will expire within 24-hours.

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Direct is an interesting addition, because it officially makes the core Facebook app a competitor to its own Messenger, along with WhatsApp and Instagram, all of which incorporate their own versions of private messaging.