Exclusive: Uganda’s Zuckerberg builds Breaking News Robot on KampalaRoad

Felix kitaka and Minister

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Felix Kitaka a 24-year-old technologist, renown for featuring on CNN Money at a tender age of 19 has built a robot that crawls all major websites in Uganda while fetching all breaking news of the hour as soon as its published. The robot simplified into an elegant website hosted at (www.kampalaroad.com) algorithmically-sources for news by skimming through headlines and identifying the News that you might be interested in, while summarizing the top stories of the day.

Kampalaroad also as the ability to pick a compelling image related to the story in case it contains many pictures while highlighting breaking news as it happens at Internet-speed.

Kampala road dot com
Screenshot of Kampala.com website
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The website currently in beta mode and crawls the 3 major local websites; Newvision, Monitor and the Observer but its widening the scope for aggregated content by sourcing from Ugandan blogs.

Felix is also the co-founder of Zabantu a local software company that is building disruptive technological solutions.