Exclusive: Airtel Money rates reduced

Kiosk for Airtel Money

Following the lead from MTN Uganda that saw big yellow reduce its mobile money rates, its closest foe Airtel is set to reduce its mobile money rates too. This means any Airtel subscriber will send money at reduced rates within particular tiered amounts of 500-45,000.

Airtel Money is the closest to MTN’s Mobile Money in transaction volume and this particular development is a win for consumers who have always had to persevere with slightly higher rates than their counterparts over at yellow. This development brings all of them at equal footing since the charges are now the same.


Amount to SendOld Transaction costNew Promo Transaction cost
500- 2,500500180
2,501- 5,000500350
5,001- 15,0001,000600
15,001- 30,0001,000800
30,001- 45,0001,1001,000
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