In this digital world, some phones demand your attention, and this phone– the Essential Phone– was made by a team lead by the creator of Android itself, Andy Rubin. He has a brand new billion dollar company that is trying to create a whole new Operating System for the connected world and a Smart home device that will run on it. But before all that happens, this phone had to exist.

Holy Grail Screen

The Essential Phone runs Android and costs $700 (UGX 2,530,000 before taxes) and according to initial reviews, it feels like a million bucks. The phone will come with a whole new wireless modular system.The first thing that grabs your attention on this device is the Elegant screen. It goes all the way to the top, with a cut out that accommodates the selfie camera and a couple of little sensors. It goes very nearly to the edges of the phone to the sides without any gimmicky curves like on the Galaxy S8.  At the bottom it does have a little bezel, but its not much bigger that what you would find on the Galaxy S8. You should know that it is LCD instead of AMOLED, which means it wont enjoy all the AMOLED perks like Virtual reality. But What’s most impressive about the 5.7 inch screen — is that its bigger than on the Pixel XL or the iPhone 7 plus– but in a package that is way smaller than either one.

A 2017 design

Now, I know what you’re thinking, wondering whether that weird, camera eye at the top won’t be a distraction and annoying to users.  According to Essential and early reviews, this won’t be a problem. It basically becomes invisible once you start to use it because Android never puts anything in that zone of the screen anyway. We like the fact that this is not just some derivative copy-cat of the iPhone or Galaxy phone, you can tell that some smart engineering work went into making it.

The Essentail Phone review
Credit: The Verge
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Among the things we wished it had, was waterproofing since all 2017 high-end smartphone have this feature. The phone is clean with no antenna lines, no camera bump, and the ear piece speaker is this tiny thin rail, you won’t even be able to see until the LED charging light is turned on. There no logos on it anywhere as the company wants the phone to speak for itself.

The best materials

The rail of the phone edges is made out of titanium, which will exude some form of confidence for its users and the back is ceramic which cuts down on the antenna lines that we see in other smartphones. But the down side, the phone looks very glossy and will be a huge fingerprint magnet. Essential says that these materials will prevent it from shuttering when dropped, or scratching while in your Pocket.

Just like the latest trend in smartphones, there is no 3.5 mm headphone jack port. The phone will come with a USB-C dongle to 3,5mm jack pin accessory out of the box. But once you loose the dongle you are fucked. Lets talk about the finger print sensor, it sits well at the back of the phone in the middle where you can actually reach it and where it belongs (SAMSUNG!!!).

Camera things and Modules

The are two lenses at the back, one shoots black and white images and the other color, and they combine the two images together to make a better phone than you would get from either one on its own. Initial reviews show that the images are somewhat at par with the Pixel XL.

One last thing to talk about this phone is related to the two metal pins you will find at the back. Just like Motorola, Essential is trying to get you to buy a bunch of modular products. But, we think Essential’s approach seems to be more exciting that Motorola’s. The two metal contacts at the back are just for providing power, as the data is transmitted via wireless USB and the module attaches via magnets. The first module that Essential will be shipping is a $200 (UGX 720,000), 360 degrees camera. You will be able to shoot 360 degree stills and videos in 4K resolution and even live streaming if you want.