End of the road for HTC One X and HTC One X+

It’s that time of a phone’s life cycle when a company can no longer support its software upgrades and in the case of the HTC One X and HTC One X+, looks like Android 4.2.2 will be the last of their upgrade roadmap. As a refresher, these were the two company’s primary flagship phones in 2012 that lost to the Galaxy SIII in terms of popularity.

According to a tweet from HTC UK, who confirmed that neither handset will be upgraded to Android 4.3 or anything newer. This comes as no surprise since these are nearly two year old phones. But in terms of hardware specs nothing will stop custom ROM makers from slaping on the latest Android updates. This means that HTC stops supporting devices officially if they are 15-months and older. Take a look at HTC’s official statement below according to the Verge .

“We can confirm that the HTC One X and One X+ will not receive further Android OS updates beyond Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5. We realize this news will be met with disappointment by some, but our customers should feel confident that we have designed both devices to be optimized with our amazing camera and audio experiences.”

— HTC Offical Statement