EC launches biometric voter verification system

Biometic systrem EC Uganda

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[/blockquote]As the voting day for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections comes close, the Electoral Commission has launched a biometric system to verify voters amid concerns by stakeholders about its suspicious timing and feasibility. EC chairperson Dr Badru Kiggundu said that “The Biometric Voter Verification System (BVVS), aims at improving the integrity of the electoral process through authentication of voter identity. This system basically uses fingerprints to match them with voter details which will help the election officer to confirm that the voter is on the roll of that polling station.”
The Speaker of Parliament Rabecca Kadaga launched of the Biometric Voter Verification System that will be used in the 18th February elections this morning. She praised the EC for the good work , but however Kadaga expressed certain concerns. First was the issue of Persons with disabilities (PWDs) and how the system will carter for them especially those without fingers and and that the Kit could be easily stolen or grabbed by wrong elements during voting. The Electoral Commission Chairperson Badru Kiggundu said that all people will vote as long as their names appear on the register. The system will require all legible voters to be vote in person and their finger prints will be used to verify before registering a person who has already voted.



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