E-Learning Africa 2014 to take place in Kampala

E-learning Africa conference 2014 will be held in Kampala Uganda from 28-30 May. The aim of this year’s conference is to explore how technology is revolutionizing learning and training across the continent as well as who it benefits employers.

This year’s theme is “Opening Frontiers to the Future” emphasizes on the role ICT will play in easing preparation for future generations especially in reducing costs through vocational training. According to Rebecca Stromeyer, founder of eLearning Africa.

“Many African countries are seeking to diversify their economies and stimulate sectors such as tourism and finance, but skills shortages are preventing them from doing so. E-Learning will allow more and more African countries to easily train the next generation of in-demand workers,” says

The conference comes on the back of ongoing efforts by the continent to fill its skills gap with over 30000 youth business owners and professionals who have so far been equipped by LEAP Africa helping them create business ventures and overall lead positive lives.

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E-Learning Africa 2014 will bring together policy experts, educational professionals and business leaders to tackle this and other topics. Hosted by the Republic of Uganda, the conference’s wide-ranging plenaries, sessions and exhibitions will showcase the inspiring stories, innovations and research that make up today’s complex picture of ICT for development, education and training in Africa.