e-Business: 5 tips to help boost commercial activities

Written By Gasper Ngono

It’s a fact. Many great analysts explicitly argue that e-business is going to be the best and most profitable segment of the third millenary. According to the high rate of the agreement of people working in the web sector, Yannick Pousseu, marketing manager of the website marketplace www.kaymu.cm, shares the five strategic techniques for boosting commercial activities on Internet.

The practical aspect

Whenever an article or a service is proposed on Internet, it should be absolute and answer to a specific and precise need. Most people ever initiate their short-lived business because not considering this important aspect. While not defining clearly this point, the service or product proposed will never be accepted or satisfying.

The technical aspect

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Here; Yannick Pousseu insists on the fluidity and explicitness that is made the commercial website. If it’s saturated or exaggeratedly dynamic with many superfluous and abusive special effects, the e-costumer can be unable to find his/her need inside. Yannick says that: “the e-commerce platform must be easy to use for all category of person”. While saying that He’s referring on the website kaymu.cm where the same neatness and the same friendliness are also found on other high-tech supports (smartphones, I-pads, vehicle screeboards…)

The reliability

In another word, it is called “quality”. The offer of a website X should necessarily answer to very select criteria which made it different from the one of a website Y. The marketing manager of Kaymu explains that:”because of the double relationship established among the online e-customer and the online product, there must be a strong link”. Enough, the individual seeing a good on Internet, might be able to recognize it in real version.

The price aspect

Psychologically, le quality-price aspect is not to be neglect. It must be right. It’s the factor bringing about 74 % of customer to choose e-commerce. The constraint of the traditional trade including many factors such as the stormy haggling; the transport cost; the time spent and the money investment often causing people disappointment. “In e-commerce, the lacks of the traditional commerce are many profitable assets for e-business”, argue Yannick. When those aspects are seen and compared to e-business context, the opportunities targeted by internet can permit to estimate price politic.

The logistical aspect

The after sales service is one of the most important elements that several companies leave in touch. When the purchase process is well done till its end, the latest step is to deliver the customer. “It’s at this time e-business meets the traditional one. This part is the slightest. If the customer feels unsatisfied or angry, it simply means the whole process has failed”, says Yannick. The promoters of e-business should be updated on delivery delays; on standards; on packaging; on branding; on the safety of the good to deliver; on the well presentation of the deliver agents. If those aspects are respected, assuredly, the e-business will be the best among the best.


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