DusuPay makes it possible for you to make hustle free online payments globally


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Making Payments online to many is nearly a dream come true let alone the hustle that many find using it. However Dusupay a dedicated payment gateway is making online payments the smoothest for everyone there is.

So, what is Dusupay Anyway?

DusuPay is an online payment gateway that brings merchants and retailers and customers to major payments’ processors all in a single click.  It empowers cashless payments from cards, Mobile money wallets, online banking and many other alternatives of payment.

Using DusuPay, businesses, merchants of individuals in Africa can accept payments from anyone all over the world, to their Mobile Money accounts or ready for withdrawal to their bank accounts without consulting an agent. By bypassing the agent, DusuPay eliminates a step in the chain of command – if you will – and makes it easier and faster for people to access their funds.

Breaking Online payment barriers

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In the hey days of making online payments one either had to use PayPal or one of the several debit cards payment modules. However with a payment gateway that harbors almost majority payment platforms on one platform, then a barrier of online payment that had seemingly caused a slug in online development is nearly sorted.

DusuPay is active in over 125 countries in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. And it supports over 115 payment methods. For a gateway that has Mobile money which is a user friendly audience on the local market, online payments could be given a great breath of life locally.
While using the payment gateway, a client is in position to pay you using any mobile money platform all over Africa at a fee charge of 1000 shs and you can be able to receive funds on your MTN or Airtel money number here in Uganda.

DusuPay works with retailers, merchants and customers to several ways.

  • For merchants it gives them the platform to accept payments from different payment options from different retailers and customers.
  • For retailers such as those in supermarkets or airtime selling stalls and other point of sale services, it gives them the platform of accepting payments.
  • They have “Dusupay Here” product used by retailers to enable them accept payments even where there is no active internet connection.
  • For customers it gives them a single platform from where to make payments. For example on e-commerce websites using the service. There is a “Pay with DusuPay” button where a customer is presented with the various options they can choose from to pay securely.