DSTV to reportedly cut prices as new entrant ECONET applies for TV license in Uganda


DStv is set for more competition as Econet global media, a Zimbabwean owned company, sets foot in Uganda and applied for a TV license from the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to operate satellite television services under the brand names Kwesé TV. (Kwesé  means everywhere and anywhere.) This was revealed in an advertisement that UCC put out last week Friday, seeking the opinion and/or comments from the public as it is mandated to do as a communications regulator.

According to the Observer, the owner of Strive Musiyiwa announced his intention to expand to other other African markets last December. “Kwesé TV is mostly known for its sports channels with emphasis on American basketball league, the NBA. They will also offer exclusive sports and entertainment programming to African markets with free-to-air programming.

For a common Ugandan looking for less pricier options especially for the sports lovers, Kwesé could be an option, giving DStv a run for their money as DStv subscribers have to pay $90 per month to enjoy the premium bouquet. When  Kwesé TV starts operations, viewers will only need a set-top-box but expect to be bombarded with lots of TV commercials. Some DStv subscribers this blog has spoken to have been told by the company that it will soon reduce prices for their satellite TV offerings.  Whats is not clear is the reason for this rumored price reduction.

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In March, Econet media won the rights to broadcast premier league matches on free-to-air Kwese TV across sub-Saharan Africa, excluding North Africa. Its rights run from the 2016/17 season through to 2019. Although, DStv is expected to broadcast more sports events than Kwese.

In a blog interview last year, Musiyiwa said that his company has the technology to offer a quality product. “Our satellite communications business, Liquid Sat, has already built a platform which allows us to deliver what is known as direct television to the home (DTH), in all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa,” he said.