If there is one thing Ugandans will hold dear to their hearts, is their love for good food, liquor and great hangout places with the best deals. We recently saw a ‘Kawunyemu’ app that alerts drivers which spots to avoid when driving at night especially those who are a bit intoxicated.
The Drink App takes this one step further, not only will it get you an appropriate means of transport back home when you are coming from a bar, but will also help you do bookings with the best offers on drinks (soft drinks, beer, cocktails, wine, other drinks), food and ice cream from over 100 hangouts in Uganda.’
One can get to know the different promotion offers, discounts on food, “happy hour” from an assortment of hangout places around Kampala. It aims to be an all in one app that is all about the best deals in the coolest places. Offering you the best experiences everyday.
The app is currently available in the Google Playstore, but in order to use it you will have to give it permissions to your phone’s GPS, SMS, phone contacts, media files and it will also rely on the Internet this means it has to use some data. Not to be freaked out, all these are standard permissions that you give to other apps like Facebook or Uber.