Drama at Africell as Ministry of Internal Affairs rounds up all Lebaneses ‘Experts’

As a move to crack down on foreign workers who come to work in Uganda in the name of being experts, news reaching our desk indicates that the Ministry of Internal Affairs has raided Orange Uganda now under Africell and rounded up all the foreign experts in the building. This comes after the Ministry of Gender, Labour and social development sent the company a letter (see below) asking them to present a list of all foreign workers to ascertain if they are working legally in the country.

All so called experts were seen whisked away in a white van, as the ministry officials demanded to see their passports and work documents.  Africell Holdings recently acquired a majority stake in Orange Uganda.

See copy of the letter sent to Africell/ Orange from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and social development below.

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Orange ministry of labour



  • Well, we need to establish the facts here but why Africell only? Why don’t they do so nationally? Is there anywhere else they rounded up experts?