When Netflix launched in Uganda, users were only allowed to stream their favorite movies and TV shows and this was a turn off for most data cautious Ugandans. Today, the on-demand streaming service enabled offline mode for tablet and smartphone users who can now watch selected Netflix content without an internet connection. Here is how to download and watch and manage your Netflix content.

  1. In your Netflix app, tap the “Humbugger”  menu on the upper left hand side of the app, and you will see the list of various content categories and genres.
  2. Go to Available for Download Option and you will see a list of available content, and this will vary from market to market.
  3. Select a Movie title that you would like to watch offline (of that you want to download onto your device)

    Download and Manage Netflix Content
  4. Tap the download button to get started, and it will give you a blue pop-up notification at the bottom with a progress bar, which will take you to your download section when you tap on it.
  5. You have the ability to stop or pause the download in case of anything. When the download is complete it will be saved on your device internal memory (No SD card support for now
Download and Manage Netflix Content

We downloaded an episode of Designated Survivor. In our estimate, a 45 minute episode is about 250MB (Standard Quality), you may need yo plan data bundle usage accordingly. This means a full 10 episode TV show will set you back about 2.5 GB.

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When you go to App settings, there is a new option that will let you manage your storage and download quality and it will indicate how much space Netflix content has taken on your device. It should also be noted that, you cannot share the downloaded content with others due to DRM protection.