Download Microsoft Office 2016: Public Preview now available

Office 2016

Office 2013 will soon be so yesterday, as Microsoft has today released a public preview version of Microsoft Office 2016 for all Windows users to download and try out. The new Office brings in new tricks including Universal Apps, which were shown off during the BUILD 2015 conference last week. The major focus with Office 2016 is based on the real time integration of the Office suite programs with the Microsoft’s Cloud-based service Office 365.

Microsoft’s OneDrive has now been integrated in Outlook, wherein the user can directly attach files from the cloud storage service and even set permissions for them. All this can be done within the Compose window of Outlook.

MS Outlook has a cool new feature called Clutter that will help in email prioritization while utilizing machine learning to show you only important messages first. It stocks the rest in a folder aptly named Clutter. Even Excel gets a bundle of cool data analysis feature for the spreadsheet geeks.

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For those who cant wait to try it out, hit the source link below to download and install the Microsoft Office preview.