MIX, SCRATCH & FUNK :DJ DJ Where you at?

THE ART OF MIX, SCRATCH & FUNK:  Where’s the DeeJay?

Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF), the weekends tend to gush out an avalanche party of emotions and excitement in most people me inclusive, with no work and no boss stress, what can really go wrong? Am also working on the assumption that there are no funerals or the occasional rehearsed boring wedding to kill the weekend vibe,all you are left with is one option to PARTTTTTYYYY!!!

Okay, let’s not so get excited here, I know you want to groove to the beats but where’s the DJ? And why the hell is this article on techjaja a clearly tech website? Well it doesn’t have to be all about technology. I could easily spin this into a tech editorial if I was hard pressed to. And yes of course i will, it’s very simple there is no party without music and there is no music without the electronic gadgets that produce that music. Got yah…

DeeJaying Art of mixing

The strobe lights synchronized with the music output from a high def speakers makes the all night partying worthwhile; and all can turn for the worse if the DJ is clueless of what he is doing. Don’t expect to enjoy your meal if the chef is not well skilled in the art of cookery. The art of DeeJaying and mixing involves a lot, from playing with turn tables, mixers, software, records, catridges & needles, headphones and speakers. So that Jay-Z or P-Square hard knock tune that you nod your head to in the club comes from hard DeeJaying sweat.

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art ofdjing

Every DJ has to crawl before they walk in order to grasp the art of mixing perfectly. Mixing, blending or matching beats are
terms  use to describe the act of transitioning between songs of varying beats per minute. It’s a style that was developed by early innovators like DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa during hip-hop’s birth.

The DJ has to ensure to present the music to us seamlessly, while one song is playing out of the speakers, he must simultaneously be listening to the next song he is about to play in his headphones.Being part of the party people, if am not
high enough to comprehend what am dancing to, all I need to feel is the DJ keeping a constant tempo going from the first song played, all the way to the last. And this keeps people dancing till dawn.

Scratch your nails out

Scratching is not that common in today’s night clubs and hangouts as it requires a good experienced DJ who is not shy to spin those record discs. Scratching is the sound created when you move a record back and forth those who are wondering what am jabbering about.

A good DJ will know how to scratch after learning the art of mixing the music and he will eventually develop their own unique style thus keeping us semi-sober  and not worrying about the cops on the roads with breathalyzers. I will not go into specifics of which clubs i had to visit to craft this article but the basics remain the same, once a DJ is good you will find yourself in the same nightclub each and every weekend. Great music is a crowd magnet and principle is simple, once you have the ladies love the music mix, it is a no brainier, the guys will follow like a flock.

Feeling the Funk down my spine

For me to appreciate and feel the DJ ‘s mix, it goes without question i must feel the funk down my spine. I know some might be wondering what the hell am talking about. To break it down, it is basically beat juggling which is accomplished by
manipulating the drums sounds from two copies of the same (or different) record to form a new beat in real-time. I always tell my friends that a great producer is he/she who has a great music listening ear and sharp sense of timing and so should a DJ.

Beat juggling is the ability to simultaneously mix and scratch. That is what i would expect from a great DJ, to climax my weekend partying so that I reach the musical organism I had been craving for throughout the week. Dj Anomoly’s Youtube video above will give you a glimpse of all the three concepts mixed together.

And the party don’t stop, so whenever you find yourself going to the same club over and over again perhaps it’s not that booze, or girls that keep taking you back. It could be the music presentation and that goes without saying a great DJ.


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