Did the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch just get leaked?

VentureBeat claims it has the pictures of the Galaxy Gear smart-watch that Samsung is expected to unveil at IFA in Germany in less than 3 days.

Unlike the thin device we expected too see, the picture shows a thick device equipped with a full-color 3 inch display, Bluetooth for
connecting to a smartphone, and a Wi-Fi radio for connecting directly to the internet. Image a full blown Android PC on your wrist: The rumors further suggest that it will have a 4-megapixel camera built into the strap and its own speakers, we suspect it will be used as a hands free calling device.

Samsung’s smartwatch could appeal to fans of fitness trackers like the Nike Fuelband and Jawbone Up. VentureBeat says it features a built-in heart rate monitor and includes health-oriented software capable of tracking your steps and caloric intake. Screenshots captured from an alleged marketing video offer a glimpse of Samsung’s design on some of these fitness apps.Samsung’s smart-watch will reportedly accept voice commands via Samsung’s S Voice app, and VentureBeat puts the device’s battery life at over 10 hours on a single charge.

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We only hope his is not the final device as it looks so basic. Will you get your self a Galaxy Gear to replace your current