Dear HTC, What happened to the Zoe App?

HTC Zoe App

I have been an HTC die-hard for several years and when I first got my M8, I was excited to use among several Apps that come pre-installed, the Zoe App from HTC’s creative Labs. It’s now been six months and HTC One users are still waiting with patience for an App that they can’t even use. It is starting to feel like Bloatware if you ask me. Bloatware, are those apps that come preloaded in your smartphone with a high probability of not being used at all.  Ask American smartphone users who buy phones on contract and to make it worse, these phones come with several annoying carrier apps that most people don’t even use. Talk about wastage of precious memory space. Before I digress, lets tackle the biggest question most camera fanatic HTC M8 users have at the back of their minds. When will the Zoe App be available for us to use?

Zoe App Hero
The long awaited Camera Zoe App for the HTC One M8

The Taiwan based phone maker, initially promised to release the app by June this year but all in vain and I guess they still feel that users will exercise patience to wait for an app that seems to be taking forever to come from the company’s so called creative labs. For those who have no idea what the Zoe App is expected to do; let me break it down for you. It will help HTC camera buffs edit and store their Zoe pictures to the cloud and share the most important, fun, precious and whimsical life moments with the world.
This app is actually exciting users of an upcoming Zoe camera and social network centered around HTC Zoe that was supposed to be available (reportedly) to a multitude of devices in June. Once the service is officially released, this app on an HTC m8 will direct you to that social network.

  “I am starting to think fellow HTC users are deranged”

htc zoe ratingIt’s been half a year now, since the HTC One M8 was announced, users have waited patiently for this mysterious app but in vain, as it is still stuck in “coming soon” mode till doomsday. The most weird part of it is that the app has a rating of 4.0/ 5 on the Google Play Store even if it’s not even functional at all. I don’t understand why some people are giving it single star when they don’t even how even the app looks like. I am starting to think fellow HTC users are deranged – people have given this non-functioning, moronically named app 4 stars. At this rate I might also rate my under water car too. This it’s actually cheap way to advertise a possibly huge ability for people who want camera features. But there is a price to pay.

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I went ahead to the Play Store Review section to see what the over one million HTC faithful who have downloaded the app had to say about this. I was amazed by comments (see some below). Whereas some feel the wait may be worth it, others have lost hope and don’t think it’s the company will deliver.

zoe review comments

One thing is for sure my dear HTC, just deliver this app otherwise it will be a whole six months or more wasted time down the drain, plus unnecessary anticipation and a horrible reputation it will carry among your users. Personally I will rate it when I can use it. And next time only announce apps when you sure they are ready for public use.

Yours Sincerely

Habitual HTC User.