Database Administrator at Africell- Kampala


africellSummary of the work

  • Provide Administration and maintenance of databases in the company in a 24 x 7, 99% uptime environment.

Key job tasks and Duties

  • Responsible for the installation, configuration and maintenance of the organizations databases
  • Maintain, tune and patch databases for optimum performance and security.
  • Designing, implementing and testing of new databases
  • Participate in the design of new databases with consideration to your expertise
  • Ensure changes are planned and implemented in a sound low risk manner with minimal system outages.
  • To prepare and maintain key team support documents.
  • Provide on-call support and participate in 24 x 7 roster rotation groups.
  • Assist Service Management and Application teams in solving problems.
  • Provide solutions architecture advice (where qualified / experienced to do so).
  • Provide Technical Project Management (where experience and asked to do so).
  • Provide support for costing solutions (hardware, software, and implementation labour), where experienced and / or being coached in doing so.
  • Escalate problems and concerns to the manager
  • Monitoring the backups on the Oracle databases
  • Performing database recovery tests with existing backups
  • Networker backup monitoring
  • Oracle Database licensing Database security and integrity of Data.


  1. Reporting Structure, contacts and Relations
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Reporting to: – Manager Applications & Services > Technical director


  1. Location

Primary location – Head Office


  • Education
  • A Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field. OR equivalent qualification
  • Oracle, SQL administration certifications
  1. Special skill Requirements
    1. Proficiency in working in a redundant 24 x 7 high availability environment
    2. At least 2 yrs. administrative experience with clustered databases
    3. Proficiency in backup technologies, preferably EMC
    4. Ability to perform calmly but efficiently and logically under stressful environments
    5. Ability to use rman for database backup and recovery

If you have the required qualifications and experience, please send your cv to by close of business day Friday 6 March 2015.