Daily Monitor gives its website a Facelift: Do you like what you see?

Daily Monitor home page1

The number one website in Uganda, the Daily Monitor has today rolled out a new revamp of its website. This comes after years of maintaining the same face until today’s changes, gone is the old website, now everything looks new, minimalist, modern and simple to the eye. The site now looks like it was carefully given a touch of modernity and brought into 2016 with grace with fewer ads to clutter the whole browsing experience. It now scores GT Metrix speed test of 82% with a 2.52 MB homepage, and 60% on Google’s speedtest load times seem to be higher than the previous version,and we assume they are still tweaking the website to speed it up more.  It should be noted that New Vision recently gave its website a facelift early this year which came with several criticisms.

Daily Monitor home page

The New Daily Monitor HomePage

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Inspired by modern website design, the front page welcomes you with a small hero image with the featured story. On top you will also be able to redirect to scoop magazine and their e-paper. The individual articles have also been given a redesign with what looks like a somewhat tweaked font, which is much more readable. A focus of social media sharing including other platforms like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pintrest and LinkedIn, in addiction to the usual Facebook and Twitter. All the changes that you will see on the Monitor website scream simplicity at its best putting content first to its readers in favor of ads and we hope the company will keep it this way going forward.  Do you like the new look of the Daily Monitor website? Leave us a comment below.