Creator of Flappy Bird has a New Game called Swing Coptor and its equally addictive

Swing Coptor

Swing Coptor

At some point we all played Flappy Bird , a very addictive game that was pulled off the app stores with the main reason that it was addictive. This time the creator of Flappy bird Dong Nguyen has created a new game named Swing Coptor a game which is equally very addictive and it is ready and for Android mobile devices.

Like Android Game Flappy Bird ,Swing Coptors is also a hardgame.This is also a endless runner game.Swing Coptors based on one touch experience.

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The difference is that in Flappy Bird, you used the taps to simply flap upwards – tapping quickly gained altitude, and with careful tapping you could maintain your level or drop as required.

You can get your addiction on and download the game from the link below.

Download Swang Coptor from Google Play