The stereotypes will differ with this one but regardless, I am coming out. To set myself free from the conviction bestowed upon me by those who subscribe to a particular notion that indeed if you’re a designer, photographer or anyone employed in the creative industry, you should be a Mac person.

Some of my workmates and friends carry them around. The level of ingenuity and respect they command is no doubt beyond most expectations. They always make a statement whenever the Apple logo gleams from laptop backs. They complement them with iPhones and the braggadocio shoots through the roof. The fanboyism takes root and others are looked at as subjects. Okay, the exaggeration might have dropped in here and there but Mac persons seem alien to the majority, which is the Windows guys. These, I belong to.

My first interaction with Windows was with Windows 98 and ever since I haven’t looked back. Windows having made the PC universal, I have iterated through most consumer facing versions of Windows with the visually alluring XP (this was a big welcome at the time), the ill-fated Vista, holding strong on 7 and jump shipping 8 for 10, from which I am typing this.

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Along the way, I’ve graduated from viewing the PC as primarily a gaming machine to expounding on the rest it has to offer. Its openness and universality made it a point that whatever software I had could play well on a friend’s PC, a distant cousin’s laptop or whoever had a computer. However this was defied ever since Macs starting finding their way to my circles, through grad school that even Windows guys made it a point wanting to own a Mac to run the CAD software we were using at the time.

“Windows has more software to offer.. “

Why? The gospel about Macs being well optimized for creative software and some of it being exclusive to the Mac is holding strong, and believe this too. However turning tables suggests that Windows has more software to offer in this regard that you can easily find anywhere. More surprising, is Mac guys having to render some of their projects on Windows rigs. These rigs can easily be customized and upgraded over time without buying a new rig unlike the Macs that entail one to buy new hardware in case the need to upgrade surfaces.

Not forgetting their prohibitive prices that have marqued the category as a luxury thus rendering them wants than needs for most Ugandans. The few that have them spent a fortune to buy them, and now that they’ve seen a commendable refresh and upgrade, they might as well flock to order for them.

As for my case, the above and my gaming habit always renders Windows a must have but not an alternative. Do you even know that the creators’ update is on its way to Windows 10? Even when I called for suggestions on the best laptop one can buy, I out ruled Macs and the replacement that came is a Windows laptop, one of the best I must add.

macbook-pro-2016_3“I am not saying Macs are bad”

I am not saying Macs are bad, they’re good at what they do and have lived up to that overtime but not every creative out there is a Mac person. It doubles down to choice and preference that I’ve chosen Windows. Switching would require lessons and command lines to adhere to.

And now that Microsoft is encroaching on Apple’s stronghold, the creatives, and trying to allude them with the Surface Studio AIO, should I expect more of them to migrate? We might see the Surface Studio making its way to design studios. Boss I hope you’re reading this.

Previously this has been a Mac only territory with a few Windows “anomalies” but the Mac domination is finally having a worthy challenger, not forgetting the Surface Book i7 going head to head with the top of the line MacBook Pro. The surface Dial is a welcome addition that complements the Surface pen which on its right is good for doodling concepts before you actualize or visualize them. Only If I could afford the $3000 price tag for a PC that comes with it, it could complement this Notebook.