Here is the coverage map for Google and Roke Telkom’s WiFi in Kampala

The RokeSpot WiFi coverage

Roke Telkom and Google have ushered in WiFi in Kampala on a scale no other telecom has yet deployed. Even after our extensive guide to this new WiFi network, it seemed like some things were still lacking. Top on that list were the places and the actual coverage map for the Roke Stops. We know have them and we can show you where you will find this service. It should be noted that these access points (or Hotspots) have an outdoor range of about 100-150 m with no obstructions like buildings and trees.

Hotspot coverage can be as small as a single room with walls that block radio waves, or as large as many square kilometres achieved by using multiple overlapping access points. And, the latter is what Roke Telkom has deployed also known as a mesh WiFi network. Using Google’s interconnected fiber network, Roke Telkom is able to connect the hotspots and also send back the WiFi signal to Roke Telkom’s switch for proper authentication and billing. Roke was able to deploy a metro WiFi network made up of over 111 and some go as far as Kajjansi towards Entebbe.  You can check out the interactive map below and list of places below.

Roke Spot Location Map showing its WiFi in Kampala

Roke Spot Locations

#Site NameSite addressHub site
1Bugolobi flats Block 1Luthuli rise BugolobiBugolobi Flats Block 9
2Bugolobi flats block 3Luthuli rise BugolobiBugolobi Flats Block 9
3Bugolobi flats block 5Luthuli rise BugolobiBugolobi Flats Block 9
4Bugolobi flats block 9Luthuli rise BugolobiBugolobi Flats Block 9
5Bugolobi flats block 19Luthuli rise BugolobiBugolobi Flats Block 9
6Bugolobi flats block 21Luthuli rise BugolobiBugolobi Flats Block 9
7Bugolobi flats block 23Luthuli rise BugolobiBugolobi Flats Block 9
8Bugolobi flats block 7Luthuli rise BugolobiBugolobi Flats Block 9
9Akamwesi HostelNew Port Bell road,NakawaBugolobi Flats Block 9
10Village Mall Bugolobi APlot 47A Spring road,BugolobiBugolobi Flats Block 9
11Village Mall Bugolobi BPlot 47A Spring road,BugolobiBugolobi Flats Block 9
12Life Mate FurniturePlot 110/112 Seventh Street,KampalaBugolobi Flats Block 9
13Crown PharmacueuticalsPlot 10-12 7th Street Industrial Area,KampalaBugolobi Flats Block 9
14Seroma Blessed ApartmentsButabika Rd,LuziraBugolobi Flats Block 9
15Tile centerPlot 99 Sixth street,KampalaBugolobi Flats Block 9
16Silver springs Hotelplot 76A/D Port Bell road,KampalaBugolobi Flats Block 9
17UICTPlot 9-21 Old Port Bell Road,KampalaBugolobi Flats Block 9
18Toyota UgandaPlot 1, First Street Industrial areaBugolobi Flats Block 9
19UICT HostelPlot 9-21 Old Port Bell Road,KampalaBugolobi Flats Block 9
20Fire MastersPlot 101 Prince Badru Kakungulu Rd,KibuliFireMasters
21Tirupati Mazima Mall APlot 2395 Ggaba road,NsambyaFireMasters
22Cassia LodgePlot 15,Block 273 Buziga Hill,KampalaFireMasters
23Sanctum HotelPlot 343 Kampala-Entebbe road,EntebbeFireMasters
24Agalani OilsN/A Namasole Road,MakindyeFireMasters
25Tirupati Mazima Mall BPlot 2395 Ggaba road,NsambyaFireMasters
26International University of East AfricaPlot 1112/1121 Ggaba road,KampalaFireMasters
27City Panorama HotelPlot 2258 Tank Hill road,MuyengaFireMasters
28Commercial Building on plot 16-Clement Hill roadPlot 16 Clement Hill road,KampalaFireMasters
29Seroma NateteNateteFireMasters
30Seroma KansangaGgaba road,KasangaFireMasters
31Seroma MuyengaPlot 2442/2443 Tank Hill Rd,MuyengaFireMasters
32Muyenga ApartmentsJonas Ln,Muyenga,KampalaFireMasters
33Protea HotelPlot 4 Elgon Terrace, Kololo,KampalaFireMasters
34Disney Nursery & KindergardenPlot 30-62 Barnabas,KampalaFireMasters
35IHSU NamuwongoSt.Barnabas Road, Namuwongo,KampalaFireMasters
36IHSU LubowaPlot 1300-1301 LubowaFireMasters
37Commercial Building KitendeKitendeFireMasters
38Nkwanzi courtsAcacia Avenue,Kololo,KampalaFireMasters
39Fusion AutospaWavamuno RoadFireMasters
40NeptuneKatwe,Usafi RoadFireMasters
41Corner House APlot 436/437 Mawanda road,KampalaFrama Hostel
42Commercial Building on plot 60-Bombo roadPlot 60 Bombo road,KampalaFrama Hostel
43Soliton HQsLumumba AvenueFrama Hostel
44Corner House BMawanda RoadFrama Hostel
45Kibuka Mixed Primary SchoolNansanaFrama Hostel
46Kingsway Apartments AKigo-EntebbeIHSU Lubowa
47Kings way Apartments BKigo-EntebbeIHSU Lubowa
48Kings way Apartments CKigo-EntebbeIHSU Lubowa
49Pan African HousePlot 3 Kimathi Avenue,KampalaJumbo Plaza
50Commercial Building Plot 10/10A Jinja roadPlot 10/10A Jinja Rd,KampalaJumbo Plaza
51Rainbow ArcadePlot 2C Kampala road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
52Crown HousePlot 4A/6A Kampala road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
53Jumbo plazaPlot 2 Paliamentary Avenue,KampalaJumbo Plaza
54Commercial Building Plot 5 Dewinton roadPlot 5 Dewinton road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
55Commercial Building-plot 6,Jinja RoadPlot 6 Jinja Road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
56Commercial Building Plot 1 Clement Hill roadPlot 1 Clement Hill road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
57Property Services HeadquatersPlot 65 Yusuf Lule road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
58Musana HousePlot 45 Nkrumah Road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
59Holiday Express HotelPlot 16/18/20 Luwum street,KampalaJumbo Plaza
60SM ChambersPlot 84 Hannington road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
61Seroma GoodshadeEntebbe road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
62Seroma Shoppers Plaza APlot 7/1A Sikh Road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
63Seroma Shoppers Plaza BPlot 7/1A Sikh Road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
64Seroma Shoppers Plaza CPlot 7/1A Sikh Road,KampalaJumbo Plaza
65Unicalo HousePlot 11 Archer,KololoJumbo Plaza
66MOGASYusuf Lule RoadJumbo Plaza
67Luyanzi College AButto Road,KampalaLuyanzi College
68Sunset apartments block LKiwatule,KampalaLuyanzi College
69Sunset apartments block KKiwatule,KampalaLuyanzi College
70Rwenzo-GreenNtindaLuyanzi College
71Tannex ApartmentsBukoto-Kisasi,KampalaMusana Plaza
72Women’s Hospital residential apartmentsSerumaga road,BukotoMusana Plaza
73Ntinda Quality shopping centerBukoto-Ntinda road,NtindaMusana Plaza
74Musana PlazaPlot 1904 Bukoto-Kisasi road,KampalaMusana Plaza
75Women's HospitalBukoto-Kisasai Road,KampalaMusana Plaza
76Crest FoamNtinda Road,KampalaMusana Plaza
77The BistroPlot 15 Cooper Road,KampalaMusana Plaza
78Acacia suitesPlot 31 Acacia Avenue,KampalaMusana Plaza
79MansonsPlot M226 Factory Close,Ntinda industrial areaMusana Plaza
80HemicoBombo Road,KawempeMusana Plaza
81Seroma KiwatuleMbogo 1,KiwatuleMusana Plaza
82Sunset apartments block AKiwatule,KampalaMusana Plaza
83Sunset apartments block CKiwatule,KampalaMusana Plaza
84Sunset apartments block EKiwatule,KampalaMusana Plaza
85Sunset apartments block IKiwatule,KampalaMusana Plaza
86Sunset apartments block GKiwatule,KampalaMusana Plaza
87Ntinda Forest HotelPlot 29B Kakungulu/Matyrs Rd,Ntinda-KampalaMusana Plaza
88Fairway Hotel BKafu road,KampalaMusana Plaza
89Elizabeth ApartmentsRidgeway drive,KampalaMusana Plaza
90Kabatangaare apartmentsKigobe Road,KampalaMusana Plaza
91New park RoyalPlot 26 Buganda road,KampalaNew Diplomate
92Old park RoyalPlot 83/85 Kampala road,KampalaNew Diplomate
93Commercial Building Plot 2 Bombo roadPlot 2/4 Bombo road,KampalaNew Diplomate
94GTBank Nakivubo APlot 34/38 Nakivubo Road,KampalaNew Diplomate
95New Diplomate HotelPlot 84 William Street,KampalaNew Diplomate
96Commercial Building Plot 25 Nakivubo placePlot 25 Nakivubo place,KampalaNew Diplomate
97GTBank Buganda RoadPlot 7/9 &11 Buganda Road,KampalaNew Diplomate
98Commercial Building Plot 22 Namirembe roadPlot 22 Namirembe road,KampalaNew Diplomate
99No. 9Plot 9 Yusuf Lule road,KampalaNew Diplomate
100Douglas Villa HostelPlot 677/678 Nanfumbabi,KampalaNew Diplomate
101GTBank Nakivubo BPlot 34/38 Nakivubo Road,KampalaNew Diplomate
102Sojovalo HotelRubaga Road,KampalaNew Diplomate
103Kasese Nail & Wood IndustryOld Masaka Road,NdeebaNew Diplomate
104Shoal HousePlot 76 Kampala rd,KampalaNew Diplomate
105Olympia Hostel AKikoni,MakerereNew Diplomate
106Olympia Hostel BKikoni,MakerereNew Diplomate
107Seroma BwaiseBombo road,BwaiseNew Diplomate
108Foris HeadquatersPlot 9 Lourdel,KampalaNew Diplomate
109Fairway Hotel AKafu road,KampalaNew Diplomate
110Frama HostelSir Apollo Kagwa,KampalaNew Diplomate
111Emma High SchoolPlot 473,Bahai RoadNew Diplomate