Could Twitter be making a stand alone messaging app?

twiter dark

In twitter’s quest to become the hub of  global conversation, and private messages seems they wont stop at only sending your tweets back and forth.  If something is successful in an app, why not pull it out to be standalone. Facebook did it with its Messenger app and now according to All Things D, Twitter is said to be revamping its private messaging feature and could release a standalone app for messages, according to a new report.

The report goes on to mention that an overhaul of messages is coming in “the near future.” We currently have most  smartphone users using messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, and Kik which are luring users by the hundreds of millions. And it would mark another direct point of competition with Facebook, which has a popular standalone messaging app of its own.

Recently, Twitter began testing a feature that allows people you are not following to send you direct messages. That feature began rolling out globally this week. As All Things D notes, direct messages were a long-neglected feature that many expected Twitter would eventually kill. Till we get to try out this rumored app, we cant comment much as per now.

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