Could this be Samsung’s Virtual Reality Headset?

Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR render (Image Credit: SamMobile)
Samsung Gear VR
Samsung Gear VR render (Image Credit: SamMobile)

Last month at Google I/O, the company gave away a cardboard Virtual Reality headset to developers. This was a cheap DIY solution to Facebook’s the Oculus Rift VR solution. According to a leaked image from SamMobile, Samsung’s Gear VR might be up your alley, it definitely looks like it has more coolness than Google’s cardboard solution.

Unfortunately this is a render that we suspect could be less representative of what the final product will look like. Just like the smart watches, the Samsung Gear VR is meant to be a peripheral device that works in conjunction with your phone or tablet. Users will have to connect it through the device’s USB port and  will be your second screen. Expect a Touchwiz like UI on the software side.

The image also shows that the Gear VR will have a touchpad on its right side, which may be used for interacting with objects in VR programs. Further reports indicate that the Gear VR will be announced by Samsung at IFA 2014 in September, with an SDK  released shortly after the device is announced.

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Do you think Samsung’s Gear VR will catch on like the Galaxy Note did?