Could the ‘Temple Run’ mobile game to be turned into a Harry Potter like series of films

I have always been a big fan of the Harry Potter series of films, that incorporated with mobile gaming especially when the day gets a little tough or boring is a match made in heaven for me. So when I first heard that best-selling game series Temple Run might come to the big screen, according to a new report — well i kind of got excited.  Warner Bros.

Entertainment Inc is highly considering a movie adaptation of the 2011 game from Imangi Studios, based on a  Hollywood Reporter, with the Harry Potter series’ David Heyman as the producer. I dont expect running 80%  of the movie, but hey the movie producers can always twist the movie in any direction. The film would reportedly adopt the assumption of the game, basically an explorer who is chased by angry temple dwellers after thievery of an idol from them.

Rumor also has it mobile games like Angry Birds has drawn interest from Hollywood expected to launch by 2016. Between you and me Temple Run, has always had the look and feel similar to the Indiana Jones series of movies, that likely looked like a natural to a movie studio looking for likely hits. We only wonder who is take on the leading role for the movie, we wait on for more details as they emerge.