If there is one thing Kampala motorist dwell is the morning and evening rush hour traffic, caused partly by the ever increasing number of vehicles on the road, Uganda’s poor transportation infrastructure, to mention but a few. Of course this is not only a challenge for Uganda or Kampala dwellers, but also in most cities worldwide.

Fresh from Russia (Skolkovo) a startup known as “startups and science park” has finalized their plans and created a single-seater hoverbike known as the Scorpion-3 which looks stunning. At a glance, the first thing you image when you see this hoverbike in action, is how it could potentially solve the traffic jam mess in most cities including Kampala. Although you can shake off the feeling that your legs are no safe.

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Just like the hoverboard technology, the pilot sits on it like a motorcycle, and flies around just like you might expect a hoverbike to do. Watching the official product video (see above) clearly shows that the technology still got some way to go before it matches the hoverbikes you might have seen in futuristic sci-fi movies like Star Trek.

The company that makes these boards, Hoversurf is positioning the bike as an “extreme sports instrument” for now and to buy one might set you back hundreds of thousand of US dollars, so we don’t expect these to his roads till road really soon. However, they are looking at its “transportation potential.”

You can control the Scorpion-3 in either automated mode of or with full-manual control which means it has in-built systems to automatically control and limit the maximum speed and altitude of the aircraft to prevent accidents with other motorists. With the right local regulations, we only hope one day this technology will come to see the light of day in the near future.