Contactless payments with “Internet Of Sound” technology unveiled


ToneTag, a sound based proximity communication provider in Indian has taken retail shopping experience to the new level by introducing Beacon technology to provide customers with a more engaging retail experience with its key feature in what has now come to be known as the “Internet Of Sound” :

How locate Engage Payworks

  • ToneTag uses sound waves to locate and guide customers in the vicinity of a store.
  • It enables retailers to engage with their customers through personalized, context aware, Bi-directional communications
  • It enables one its kind contactless payments through Beacon

Customization and Personalization of buying experience is important today. ToneTag omni-channel customer engagement solutions for retail stores bridge the online and offline worlds. According to Google, 82% of customers will research on their phones before a purchase. ComScore’s Local Search Study, revealed that the majority of purchases following a mobile search happened in a physical store (73%) as opposed to online. Companies with good omnichannel customer engagement strategies can retain on average 89% of their customers.

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Revealing further benefits of Beacon technology in a press release, Kumar Abhishek, Founder and CEO of ToneTag said, “With the inclusion of Beacon technology, ToneTag’s Locate-Engage-Pay feature will guide and shape the entire shopping experience of the offline customer, increasing conversion rates at any offline store. It will also make the shopping experience much quicker and easier for customers who could access the information on products they are looking for, and avail special offers or discounts based on their loyalty. It can also provide retailers with invaluable data about their customers’ shopping preferences and habits that will be beneficial to both the customer and retailer. Moreover it works on any phone and without the use of Internet and Bluetooth”

Advantages of ToneTag Beacon to brands and retail merchants;

  • Connect the dots across channels and provide a fluid, engaging experience in-store.
  • Bridge offline and online communications to enable focused omni-channel and bi-directional message
  • Converge and analyze historical and real-time consumer behavior to drive intelligent, context aware customer engagement
  • Insert appropriate real-time triggers and call to actions and promotions at any point of the buying cycle.
  • Deliver a thoroughly modern and unique shopping experience

Exclusive benefits of ToneTag transactions

  • Works on any phone (Smart or Feature)
  • Ease of use – Transaction in less than 3 seconds
  • Security – 3 layers of encryption and tokenization
  • Integration – No cost involved. Can be easily integrated
  • No additional hardware requirements
  • Compatible with all geos, regions, handsets, and participating merchants

Custom settings for proximity range, and audible/inaudible frequencies