Confirmed: The next iPhone to be called the iPhone X

iphone x rumors

With Apple set to unveil a special iPhone X on Tuesday, to mark 10 years ever since Steve Jobs unleashed the first iPhone in 2007, there is a lot of hype for this new smartphone. We’ve seen a number of leaks about the hardware and its features, but everyone has been calling it the iPhone 8 or iPhone Pro so far. It looks like Apple is about to launch its top-tier phone as the iPhone X, if the latest leaked firmware is accurate.

According to iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith has discovered references to iPhone X that are linked directly to the D22 codename with a bezel-less display. It’s the evidence  we have so far that Apple is planning the special naming to mark 10 years of the iPhone. Smith has also discovered separate iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus references in the final iOS 11 firmware, suggesting that Apple isn’t planning to use its tradition S branding, and will instead jump to iPhone 8 for its non-OLED devices.


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While this is the final iOS 11 firmware, Apple could still tweak its software before the iPhone X is available in stores and name it something else entirely. Lots of rumors have suggested shipments of the iPhone X could be delayed due to OLED shortages and Apple’s “urgent” need to find another display supplier besides Samsung. If the iPhone X ships slightly later than the other two models then Apple may have time to adjust its name in a future iOS 11 update. We’ll find out more about the rumored $1,000 pricing and exact release date on Tuesday at Apple’s press event.