Competitive advantage: Comparing 3G Networks in Uganda

3G comparison in uganda

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Unlike the previous 4G-LTE comparison table we made,  3G networks in Uganda are very competitive and getting a major difference among the major players is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But, that is all on paper, in real world speed tests and user experince, it is a different story all together. There are five major 3G networks in Uganda with UCC licensed spectrum to operate 3G networks viz; Africell, Smart Telecom, MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda and Airtel.

Trying to choose the best 3G network can be a hustle for some, since a lot has to be considered. It could be the price of voice and data bundle, download speeds, Network coverage, devices supported and or HD Voice support. Some people using 4G LTE networks also need to know whether they can switch back to 3G when out of 4G coverage, which is still limited to a few towns so far. Even if Vodafone and K2 customers enjoy 3G services on their mobile devices, the networks don’t have any 3G infrastructure laid out, and are thus Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) riding on other networks. Today we bring you a simple table that will give you with a handful of technical information that will guide you in your 3G network selection process.

 MTN UgandaAirtel UgandaUganda TelecomAfricell UgandaSmart Telecom
Operating Frequnecy (Mhz)21002100210021002100
Maximum Speed supported (Mbps)42423.4*4221
Device SupportPhones, Tablets and ModemsPhones, Tablets and ModemsPhones, Tablets and ModemsPhones, Tablets and ModemsPhones, Tablets and Modems
3G Network variants types Supported7.2, 14, 21 and 42 Mbps7.2, 14, 21 and 42 Mbps3.4 and 7.2 Mbps7.2, 14, 21 and 42 Mbps7.2, 14 and 21 Mbps
3G CoverageDetailed Coverage hereDetailed Coverage hereDetailed Coverage hereDetailed Coverage hereDetailed Coverage here

*This theoretical speed is lower than quoted

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