Comparative Advantage: Netflix Vs DSTV Now

Netflix Vs DSTV Now

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[/blockquote]Netflix announced that its on demand Internet TV network has been rolled out in different parts of the world and Uganda is included. Their presence in the country obviously battles other streaming services like Multichoice’s DSTV. Although there is no particular threat to DSTV’s satellite offerings, it directly competes with DSTV Now. DSTV Now the home of DStv on the move. Unlike Netflix, it has the ability to watch Live TV,  and enjoy also DStv Catch Up content at your convenience on a variety of devices, from desktop and laptop computers, to a multitude of Android and iOS-based tablets and smartphones. DStv Catch Up is a feature of DSTV Now and it is a video on demand service, available exclusively to DStv Premium customers with an active PVR subscription.  Here’s a quick and easy-to-read comparison of Netflix Vs DSTV Now, showing their their offerings and local prices.

 NetflixDSTV Now
Content durationOver 30,000 hours of content including Netflix original titlesContent is typically available between 7 and 28 days from date of first broadcast. Plus local content
Maximum devices per account6 devicesMaximum of 4 devices
Simultaneous streaming on multiple devices1 device for Basic plan / 2 for Standard plan / 4 for Premium plan 2 streaming simultaneously, plus you should pay PVR Access fee
Streaming quality SD for Basic plan / HD for Standard / UHD for PremiumStandard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD). But DStv Catch Up videos are currently only available in SD
Per hour data usage 0.7 GB for SD/ 3 GB for HD/ 7 GB for UHD0.8 GB for SD/ 1.2 GB for HD
Number of downloadable content for offline viewingNot availableYou can Remote Record.
App availabilityPC, Android, iOS, XBOX, PS Android, iOS
Telco perksNoneNone
Free Trial 1 month Doesn't apply
Countries Where to access serivceWorldwide apart from China,North Korea, Syria and CrimeaOnly African countries where DSTV airs
Starting priceUGX 27,080Free for DStv Premium customers with an active PVR subscription

Summary of advantages:


  • Includes Netflix original titles
  • Can stream up to 4 devices simultaneously
  • Can stream HD and UHD (4K) resolution videos
  • Available on virtually any device with Internet connection
  • Available worldwide for frequent travelers
  • Uses less data for SD content


  •  Includes local content via Live TV
  • Free for existing DSTV subscribers
  • Unlimited devices connected and streaming as long as you pay Access Fee
  • Uses less data for HD content
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Based on the comparison, whichever service you choose seems to have its pros and cons, whereas Netflix promised original content , DSTV Now compensates with Live TV and local content. And for the soccer fans, Netflix has done nothing to lure you away from DSTV yet. At the end of the day it comes down to the costumer’s choice and what they can afford.