Come November 1st, Techjaja will get a refresh


Content creation especially in a niche segment like technology in a country like Uganda or even the Africa can be challenging. How that content is presented to the end user is also a different piece of a puzzle all together. If you’ve been with us since day one, you have seen Techjaja evolve with different looks from Techjaja 1.0 to our last major refresh version Techjaja 4.0 codenamed internally as Project Sparrow. This brought forth more content and several experimental ideas that were received positively.

It feels like Techjaja has been around forever, and also like it’s only just beginning. Techjaja 5.0 aka Project Crossbill (yet another red bird) is aimed to put content first with a new look. It will be design-focused with improved SEO, beautiful posts, Reviews, Features and Longform posts among other changes. We’ve also developed in-house tools that will allows us to stitch together disparate parts of a story in a logical timeline, and it’s incredible for reporting news.

We’re also really excited about the new features and additions planned that will make these products even better, and we’re going to be incorporating what we hear and see from our users to make the experience even better. Editorial tools, visuals, databases, and more will be getting tweaked and refined.

A more mature in-depth perspective on Tech content

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To me, Techjaja feels most mature in the depth of our editorial mission and the scope of our ambition: we are more committed than ever to investigating how technology changes culture for a massive mainstream audience especially in Uganda. But it feels like we’re just getting started in really understanding how our audience will find and return to us in a world dominated by platforms, and that gives us an enormous opportunity to take everything we’ve learned over the past four years and refresh and refocus Techjaja for the next crazy weird future online.

But our biggest challenge in the months ahead is to simultaneously empower our editorial teams to create more content, across more platforms, without slowing down or losing any of Techjaja and personality that have made Techjaja (and our other editorial brands) so popular in Tech circles in Uganda. Lastly, the creation of the Techjaja refresh has been a huge team effort, and not just the brilliant virtual editorial team that I am constantly and consistently amazed by. I would like to thank the teams especially our CTO Farooq who has worked remotely and people whom without none of this would have been possible. And I truly mean that.

We’re evolving almost everything: our visual design system, our growth and revenue strategies, and even our expansive plans. But we’ll get into that soon. For now, I’m curious: what do you all want to know? What do you love about Techjaja? What do you want to change? How do you think it works, and how should it work?

As we continue to evolve our Platform, no other challenge we face is harder than this one. But then no other challenge is more important either. We shall ship the new Techjaja look come 1st November and the team is working day and night to ensure that we hit the deadline.