If only this Coca-Cola bottle with a built-in selfie camera could make it way to Uganda


As if the endless selfies on social media are not enough, an ad agency working on behalf of Coca-Cola recently unveiled a new hip-style of bottle that has a built-in selfie camera. Selfie-Taking Soda Bottle will automatically snaps a photo whenever it’s tilted at a 70-degree angle. Talk about a brilliant idea to get the millennials here in Uganda buy more Coco-cola products just to take those drinking moments.

Back to reality, the special camera was built for the Coca-Cola Summer Love festival in Israel but.The bottles will  reportedly allow you to snap a picture and share the photo to Snapchat. There’s a catch though for the first users of this bottle is that the pictures are also apparently shared directly to Coca-Cola Israel’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. We don’t thing many people will be  interested in that for privacy reasons.

Is it a brilliant marketing idea? Well, your guess is as good as ours. Would you buy and use the Coca-cola selfie bottle?