Traffic in Kampala
Credit: nsnbc international

This week, the Uganda police in collaboration with developers GreatMinds have unveiled Traffica a mobile app where road users share and know real time traffic updates so as to get around Kampala easily.

The traffic app comes in two languages; Luganda and English with more yet to be added according to the developers. Traffica app is a crowdsourced platform and solely relies on you and other road users for traffic updates. You be basically help other road users know the traffic situation where you are and they help you too.

In a press statement, Rogers Muhirwa; the undersecretary at the Uganda police said that the application would also receive all data relating to a particular vehicles from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) once the vehicle registration number is entered in.

Traffica App Kampala
The Traffica App for Kampala drivers

How to use Traffica App

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In order to use this app, you must have an Android phone (iOS users may have to wait), you can download it here. One is required to create an account first before using the app. To create an account, you need a username of your choice, valid email address and gender. Traffica has 3 features namely; Traffic Posts, Other services and Tips.

Traffic Posts: This is where you view, search, comment on and make traffic updates.
To make a traffic update; tap the round-about icon, select Region, select road, choose direction, Select Population of traffic situation, Fill in the starting point or location and/or Add a brief description about the traffic situation and send the post.

Other services: This is where you view promoted services by individuals/ businesses.

Tips: Traffica offers tips to users on road safety to car care and maintenance.

Additionally, you can set your preferred Doodle under User settings. The Doodles include (but are not limited to) Uganda’s extinct wild animals such as; elephants, hippos, lions, Gorilla and leopards.