The movie syndrome is slowly catching up with me. Am going to be honest, am not the type who would love to see my hard-earned data draining away trying to put standards by streaming movies on Netlifx or online. One of the greatest things about the burgeoning smartphone app market is all the apps, tools and games for movie lovers.Am the traditional type that still wants to catch that blockbuster from the upgraded “kibanda’ (movie cinema). Am still that guy that will do a half-price for a movie ticket on any day.

Already slaying on the android market for 4 months, a group of Ugandan developers at Pirumart present to you their signature work. They created a cinema app called CineApp that has almost all cinemas encompassed on one click. The app is an entertainment companion for cinema goers as well as TV show fanatics.

To use the app, all you need to do is download it from the Google Play store on your Android phone open the app and you are good to go (No subscriptions or SignIn required).

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User Interface

Starting off with a fine selection of cinemas, the app has one of the coolest cinemas in two; Acacia Mall based Century Cinema, 3D Cinema,  NuMax at Victoria Mall, Entebbe. Cineplex Cinemas, Cinemax and Han Cinemas Ntinda.

The app has a left sidebar menu that ushers you to all you’ll need for navigation of the app. However before you click the menu, the home page has all the cinemas listed with no specific order. Every click on the cinema will take you to the cinema page and the movies that are showing at that cinema. Every movie that is showing at the cinema leads you to a short synopsis and trailer that automatically sends you to YouTube. So they can’t host their own videos but depend on links to YouTube trailers. CineApp overview

The App allows you navigate which movies that are showing across the listed cinemas and also shows you not only the time but also the definitions ( 2D or 3D) you want to watch from which cinema and also allows you view the movies that will be showing at that particular cinema.

However for a chap like me who loves going to the movies with company (My girl to be precise), i love going there with a budget on my expenditure while there and also know which offers and discounts the cinemas have to offer. The app doesn’t give me that vital information that makes plan on how much i will be spending although the team promise that vital addition soon.

The beauty of it all is that once you’ve downloaded the app, it’s a ready to use app. It gives you the easy feel of knowing which blockbusters are showing. The app even has a section for series and animations but i believe this is one they over exaggerated, I don’t believe there is any cinema that shows series and anyone that will have time to follow up on a serie from a cinema but since it’s only 4 months old and having major upgrades, we hope that will be looked into.


Size and Internet usage

The app has its own amount of share on my phone 19MBs space and eats up most of the ram. I took the app for a 15 minute ride on my Tecno J8 that has 2GB RAM and its consumption was 78mb of ram which slowed down my phone a little with its multi-tasking.

However, for the period I’ve used the app, my data consumption has not been worrying every when I open the app. And, the much consumption i experience is when i attempt to watch a trailer, then that’s different business altogether. Buts for the daily usage, i walk away with a foreground usage of  24.90MB and background usage of 20.44Kb