Christine Ampaire, Codesync Team Lead wins the MTN Business Women Award

Last weekend MTN business in partnership with Forbes woman organised an awards event to recognize women making a difference and challenging stereotypes and Christine Ampaire won the MTN business Award. According to Outbox News Christine attributes her success to her team members whom she has worked with ever since their first product MafutaGo was launched.
christine's MTN women in biz AwardAt the end of Last year we invterviewed Christine on our first episode of The Port (Watch Video HERE). Christine is the Team Lead at Codesync, one of Outbox’s resident start-up companies in Kampala whose main focus is making applications that are locally relevant and solve the day to day solutions of the African man. It started MafutaGo and MyZiki, a music platform on which exclusive African music can be bought by users and sold by musicians.

MafutaGo is a smartphone application which helps motorists hunt for the best deal on fuel by showing users the price at different petrol stations.

Christine is also a co-founder of the Girl-geek kampala initiative, an independent initiative to celebrate and promote women and girls in science and technology in Uganda with it’s home at Outbox Uganda.

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