How to choose the best gaming device

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That’s a subtle query to ask!  Not everyone can outright answer you given the kind of gizmos, services in support of gaming at our disposal. A classic example is the constant battles I had with peers on whether to go Playstation or the Xbox way?  Those were endless battles, fights, arguments but at the end of the day, the deciding factor was us battling it out on those very consoles as ‘men’ would do, with joysticks in hands and we exhibited our expertise just to prove whose platform to choose. Playstation in the blue corner, Xbox in the Green corner and let the games begin so was the declaration. Whoever drew the most applause emerged the winner but trust me no one did.

With the current market shifts, it’s no longer about the console being prime, they’re other avenues to enjoy games otherwise we wouldn’t be having the Kings of today, the Supercells. Gaming has evolved and we can’t say it has stopped evolving at any time with the relentless innovations that are churned out day in day out. So which console or gaming device is right for you? Are you the type that loves gaming online or are you the traditional type? That’s not an easy question to answer and a lot of it will depend on your personal preference. And do you play for money or for fun. If you play for money, you need devices you can use to access a variety of online casino games such as blackjack, slots, roulette and many more. Gaming Devices often should be able to help user’s exercise flexibility and convenience to be play these games.

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It also shouldn’t be a surprise that they’re a few souls earning top dollar just sitting around monitors playing video games, of course equipped with skills (they train to attain these), watched by millions of fans across the globe and contest for million dollar prizes. It’s been dubbed esports, the next wave sweeping the gaming world making rounds around the world.


So if I was asked, how do I choose the best gaming device?

The weird stare better describes my situation. I can’t seem to settle on one, I’ve played on many platforms some I can’t even remember. I’ve played from the PC, played the Sega, played the Nintendo Gameboys, the 64,the Gamecube, the DS, the Wii (Forgive me the Wii U, you don’t qualify here). I have as well played the Playstation, all hardware iterations but the PS4 is an incredible piece of hardware.  I must however confess I’m not a fan of the Xbox, I’m not throwing jabs at Microsoft but the kind of technical support this side of the pearl for the Xbox is almost non-existent.

But not everyone is a high level console grade gamer. Right? So like I said, gaming is an expansive world. It encompasses a lot and luckily enough can be enjoyed on different screens. Some go mobile, others prefer the PC, others consoles, and now VR not forgetting the folks that play remotely right from their browsers while others just stream their game play.

Each platform has at least a community behind it, publishers here and there, devs to talk about, superstars to emulate and rewards to achieve.

Gaming devices

Whichever platform you choose, it will come down to preference so you can only double down on one of the following.

  • Convenience (Do you like to play mobile? Then a smartphone or a handheld console like a PS Vita can do the magic) You can as well play from the comfort of your browser at home, at work, at a coffee shop or anywhere then you might consider such an option.
  • Technical & Developer support (spec considerations, game titles, hardware refreshments etc) For high level graphics details,consoles like the Xbox One or PS4 they should be and they have game titles to go with them. On the other hand, casual titles will only require a smartphone.
  • Community (where do your friends play from? You need folks to compete with, be it strangers or not) Microsoft has its Xbox live Feature, Sony with its PSN while others like Valve have Steam. One amongst their many features is allowing you to contest against others to title that support them.
  • Rewards (Virtual currency? prize pools? name it)
  • Services (Apps like Netflix, YouTube, Social integration, digital distribution etc) These make the whole experience interactive and have something to offer besides just gaming.

Security: putting aside the love for gaming, one’s security to the game should be a maximum capacity and right. Players usually remain concerned with certain security issues. There are certain gaming devices that leave high risk of getting one’s personal or else the bank information hacked. They are also used exclusively by the third parties at times. Thus, the gaming enthusiasts must always figure out the reputability of any gaming device prior registering.

Exciting as well as entertaining as gaming might be, there is a level of security that should be reached.