Checking how fast your internet is will no longer require Adobe Flash

ookla speed test uganda

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[/blockquote]Whenever you want to check how fast your internet is, chances are that you will use the Ookla’s Speedtest tool, and it’s about to get even better when it stops relying on Adobe’s all-but-dead Flash platform and moves entirely to the new HTLM5 standard. Ookla is in the process of beta testing the new version of Speedtest. For those who want to give it a spin you can try it out here, and you will see an all new design that’s more simple to the eye than its current Flash-based site. The best part: you don’t need a resource-intensive plugin you don’t want to use. Get ready to uninstall Adobe Flash.

This is one of the indications that Flash in dead after years of steady decline and a helpful public takedown from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Last week, Adobe put a definitive nail in the coffin when it began urging web developers to stop building with the tool. The company also renamed its signature software from Flash Professional CC to Animate CC to wash away the Flash name and better associate its product with animation. Are you ready to shift away from Flash? Leave us a comment below.