Check out YouTube’s year in review, makes 2015 a worldwide corroboree

2015 Youtube videos

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[/blockquote] As the year comes to an end, we get to check out the best of the internet, and 2015 might look incredibly different. YouTube has as we expected adopted a brighter, more millennial-oriented take on the past year, in mash-up video that depicts 2015 as a worldwide corroboree dance party showcasing its biggest stars while throwing some well-known celebrities into the mix.

Since 2010, YouTube has been doing year-end “Rewind” videos but only since 2012 has it been doing large-scale musical productions with special effects, big-name personalities, and a mix of some of the year’s biggest hits. This year is no exception; there are so many (maybe too many) people doing the Nae-Nae here. But 2015 was also the year that YouTube turned 10, so along with the likes of tech video reviewers like Marques Brownlee and PewDiePie making cameos, there was a nice little tribute to YouTube’s  featuring T-Pain on a blow-up dolphin. Sadly nothing viral from Africa featured in the video.

YouTube released the video as part of new “Trending” tab announcement. The new feature will make it easier for viewers to find videos that are bubbling up in popularity, using an algorithm that collects videos based on comments, views, and location. That way, it’ll be harder to miss the viral videos of 2016.