How to check for your voting status via SMS

how to vote via sms uganda

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[/blockquote]With just a few days to the next Presidential and Parliamentary elections, the independent Electoral  Commission is in full gear ensuing that all Ugandans will be in position to take part in the polls. Now only have we shown you how you can check your voting status online using the online voter locator, the electoral commission has enabled all eligible voters to check their voting status via SMS thus, eliminating the long queues and endless inquiries, uncertainties and also gives you time to go report any errors in your details. You can search for your details using your either your voter number, national ID number or application ID.

You can check for where you vote via an SMS of your Voter Number, Application ID or National Identification Number(NIN) to 8228 . Once the SMS is sent, you will get back all the information you initially registered with the commission including your name, gender, voter number, and actual location where you will vote from right from the district, Sub-county, parish to the polling station number.
It should be noted that in order to vote, you must be on the electoral register to vote in elections and referenda and this is done by registering and you should be 18 years by the close of the update Exercise conducted by the Electoral Commission.
Thus, when a Voters’ roll for each polling station in a parish has been compiled and only persons whose names appear on the roll are entitled to vote at an election (Section 19(12) Electoral Commission Act 1997).