Africell Uganda king of the bundles tour

With few carriers offering Unlimited Data, Africell Uganda has not only added more data bundles to its portfolio, but has also ushered in three new unlimited data rates that will enable their internet subscribers be connected longer. The existing monthly UGX 299,000 has remained as is with an addition of three more bundles for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months at UGX 859, 000, UGX 1,619,000 and UGX 3,049,000 respectively as shown in the table below (The company is yet to update its website to reflect these new changes ).

However, there is a catch –whether on their fast 3G or 4G-LTE mobile networks you will be capped to operate at speeds lower than 512 Kbps which is such a bummer. One cannot avoid to compare these prices to the only other carrier that offers unlimited mobile internet; Vodafone Uganda offers one month unlimited data that costs UGX 199,000 at 6 Mbps speeds with a Friendly User Policy (FUP) cap of 512 Kbps once you exceed 50 GB. Also, with the same duration at only UGX 349,900 Vodafone give you 10 Mbps speeds with a cap of 512 Kbps once you exceed 60 GB.

DurationPrice (UGX)FUP
1 Month *299,000Unlimited (512 Kbps)
3 Months 859,000Unlimited (512 Kbps)
6 Months 1,619,000Unlimited (512 Kbps)
12 Months 3,049,000Unlimited (512 Kbps)

*existing unlimited data plan

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It is clear that Africell has not gone the Vodafone route of giving higher speeds and capping them after a certain limit is exceeded due to some limitations in their billing system. But, what they offer is good and offers more choice unlike Vodafone makes them the true King of Unlimited data in Uganda. Whether it’s affordable is a different story all together. The only set back with Vodafone is it’s limited coverage of 4G-LTE that is only in Kampala, although sources have recently indicated that he company is expanding its coverage. So there you have it, the two 4G-LTE carriers are at it fighting a silent unlimited data price war.

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Featured Image : Africell Uganda Facebook page